Feb 11/11 update

Greetings all!  Just a quick note to update you on what’s happening with Another Chance Street Ministries here in Penticton.

Pastor Peter, as always, is busy, busy, busy.  If you’ve been trying to contact him on the Another Chance Ministries message line, and you think he is taking too long to answer, please have patience 🙂  He’ll get back to you asap.  Besides walking on the streets of Penticton with Father, seeing what He’s up to and reaching out with Father’s love, Pastor Peter also spends days in other Okanagan communities, from Kelowna all the way south to Osoyoos – lots of driving.

Which is turning out to be a bit of a problem, as his poor old truck seems to be giving up the ghost!  We know Father will provide, and we’re just waiting to see how He’ll do that.  Always an adventure!

Last Sunday, we decided it was such a nice morning that we’d do most of our activities outdoors.  We set up lots of chairs, put goodies onto tables, and fired up the pancake griddle.  And then the snowflakes started to fall.  Biggest snowfall of the season here, so far.  By midafternoon, a good 15 to 20 cm had fallen – and we still have snow piled up all over the place, although roads are clear now.  Anyway, needless to say, folks grabbed their plates of pancakes and dashed inside to eat.  (Thanks again to the Presbyterian Church for letting us borrow their kitchen and dining room space).

Sunday's snowfall

We had a good turn out, and an excellent breakfast.  Not just pancakes, but cereal, porridge, toast, cookies, apples, muffins, and lots more.  And good company.  And of course, Father was there! 

Folks kept stopping in and dropping off clothes and other items, which were quickly spread out on tables, and folks joyfully checked through them, grateful to find warm clothes for these cold winter days and nights.  Blessings on those in the community who are sharing in these ways.

Thanks, too, to Starbucks, who put out a container for folks to donate winter hats, gloves, and scarves.  It’s been filled and emptied and filled again, by all kinds of people.  What a great community!

If you’re in Penticton on Sunday mornings between about 6:30 and 9:00 am, drop by and join us for breakfast and stay for some time gathering together with our Lord.  We’re at the Presbyterian church grounds on Martin Street, just a couple doors south of the movie theatre.  See you soon.

Oh, by the way, yes, we do have videos coming.  Soon.  I promise 🙂

blessings, norma

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