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Our “blog” page is where you find regular updates on the Another Chance Okanagan ministry (although we also update the other pages of the website from time to time).

Did you know that you can be notified of updates to blogs through RSS feeds?  Click on the RSS feed button in the right-hand column of this blog (the little orange square with “subscribe” beside it), and you will be taken to a page where you can subscribe to receive regular updates in the RSS reader of your choice.  You can subscribe to all your favorite blogs (including the Another Chance Okanagan blog, of course), and check daily for updates in one central location, instead of always having to go directly to every blog.

Of course, we also update our other pages from time to time, so do be sure to drop into the website from time to time and see what’s new on every page!

If you aren’t sure what RSS is all about, you can check out a good explanation here

Why not subscribe to this blog today?  It’s easy!  Just click on that orange button and follow the directions!

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