Should we just wait for them to come to us?

In today’s blog post, “Avoiding is easy,”  on his “the voice of one crying out in suburbia,”  writer Arthur Sido writes:

Merely waiting for those in need of food, of clothing, of love, especially of the Gospel to come to us is not what we are called to do. Nor are we called to look askance at anyone in need to see if they are really needy. We serve Christ by serving others. If there aren’t any obvious needs around, we need to go to where the needs are. Hiding in our homes, our churches, our jobs and our circle of friends to avoid the messiness of ministry is unbecoming and shameful for any believer in Christ.

Hiding in our safe little circle, and avoiding the troubles out there in the world, is of course easier, but it is not what Jesus calls us to do.  Jesus goes out into the streets and byways, wherever the people are, and as his followers – as those through whom He reaches out to others – we are called to go with Him.

Read the rest of this challenging and encouraging post here.

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