Watch this video!

This is an amazing video of a man in India who is reaching out to his own people.  He is not a missionary or care worker from another country; he is not paid for what he is doing.  He is from the upper classes, and he is caring for the “untouchables.”  He does not have to do this.  In fact, his family and friends tell him not to do this. 

The homelessness and poverty in this video does not just happen in India or 3rd world countries.  These problems happen in Canada too.  These problems happen in our own pleasant little resort city. 

This is the story of a “Good Samaritan.”   We are, every one of us, called to love our neighbors, to be a “good Samaritan.”  Not just in far-away places.  Right here, now.  Could we do this?  Can we not do this?  We are called!

Watch this video now.  And then ask yourself, “What is my response?”

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