Fire – affecting our people

Received this message from Pastor Peter.  I will post updates as I receive them.  If you wish to contact Pastor Peter please leave a message on his message line (see the contact page).  He will get back to you when he can.

   The Pine lodge was gutted by fire today every one is ok ,but everything was destroyed . Most jumped out of bed and got out Monty had no shoes same as others . All was lost , but the fire dept. emergency relief helped everyone about 20  mostly our street family or those on the edge have lodging till Monday morning at the Sandman Inn. Tineka and I found all the coats and clothing we could and also went to wall-mart for means and women’s underwear , razors ,socks shoes , brushes etc. I will be back there after Church in the morning to see what else , they are all very upset and have no idea what is next . Please pray there is a lot of needs to be met and I have no idea exactly what they will be or how they will be met.

 Pastor Peter

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