Embracing discomfort: where you’ll find Jesus

Excellent post by Keith Giles at subversive1:

Truth be told, this is where you’ll find Jesus. He’s out there. He’s moving among the poor. He’s near to the destitute. He’s wrapping his arms around the homeless. He’s weeping over the prostitute. He’s grieving with the hopeless. Just as he was when he walked this Earth over 2,000 years ago, Jesus is always “out there” where the broken and the forgotten are crying out for love.

So, right now I just know that I need to rediscover Jesus in the street and I’m feeling, personally, a need to be challenged more in this area of my life.

Someone reminded me the other day that the word “Compassion” means “to suffer with”. If we do not make ourselves available to those who are suffering, we can’t truly know what compassion is all about.

What do you think?  Where have you found Jesus?  Do you think Jesus is out there on the street?  Do you want to be there with Jesus?

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