Pastor’s job description

Today at Simply Church, Felicity Dale wrote the following “want ad” for pastors.  When I read it, I immediately thought of Pastor Peter!  Check it out!  This is what Pastor Peter does every day in his street ministry.

Wanted: pastors

 Job description: Caring for others in the body of Christ, often at considerable personal inconvenience. Making sure people are spiritually well-fed and protected and maturing in their walk with Christ. Rather than take on all the needs of those he/she cares for, the applicant is expected to train others to look out for the weak and those with needs.

Potential challenges: Previous expectations of this role are likely to be inaccurate, colored by non-Biblical ways of doing church. This is not a position, but a function, modeled on Jesus, the good shepherd. This person will not be put on a pedestal, leading a “church,” receiving the accolades of others. His/her primary role will not be to prepare a weekly message. Rather, this person can expect to lay down his/her life for others. 

Qualifications: The successful applicant will be very relational, with a willingness to listen to the stories and challenges others are facing. Looks out for the weak. May need to dispense tough love at times.

Compensations: no financial compensation. The joy of serving and being an example is sufficient current reward. Future compensation includes a “crown of glory.”

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