updates on Pine Lodge fire

Pastor Peter was happy last night that at least temporary accomodation has been found for all 18 people who lost their accomodation due to fire at Pine Lodge.  You can view video of CHBC TV interviewing Pastor Peter, by going to their website .  Just a couple inches down the page you will see “Latest Video”.  Scan left or right until you come to “CHBC news at 5:30: Feb 28” and click on it.  The part of the newscast that features this story starts at 4:05 (18:22 left) in the broadcast (after the ad….).   Good news: the landlord is returning the rent people had just paid, and is planning to rebuild.

Pastor Peter thanks everyone who has contacted him.  He has been extremely busy the past few days helping people find accomodation and providing for their basic needs, so if you haven’t heard from him yet, please be patient.  He’ll get back to you as soon as he can.  He sends a big thank-you to everyone who has been concerned and want to help.

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