Easter Sunday in the park

April 24, 2011

For several years, Pastor Peter set up his barbeque in the park under the trees next to the courthouse – Sunday mornings year round, no matter the weather.  Nowadays, we are blessed to have a church lend us their basement and yard to meet at, which is especially nice in subzero blizzardy winter weather.  But every Easter, we go back to the park to enjoy the Easter sunrise and remember the good old days.

Today, Pastor Peter was there at 6:15 am, and folks came – probably 70 or so.  Breakfast included egg salad sandwiches, ham and cheese sandwiches, tuna salad sandwiches, hamburgers, oranges and bananas, Easter breads, and Easter candy.  What a feast!  We enjoyed each other’s company and good fellowship till noon, when some set off for the soup kitchen for Easter lunch, others set off for family Easter activities, and the rest looked forward to the rest of this wonderful spring morning.  Although the morning was a chilly -1 C at 6 am, the predicted temperature is 18 C which makes it our warmest sunny day of 2011 so far.

I was trigger-happy today, ending up with about 100 snapshots.  Here are a sampling.  Trusting your Easter was as blessed as ours.

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