Out and about on a Tuesday morning

April 26, 2011

It’s a pleasant spring mid-morning, about 11 or 12 C.   Rain fell overnight, but the sun is shining bravely through the remaining thin cloud cover, the wind has stilled, and the streets are busy. 

Summer is on its way.  Already there are young people arriving from far-away places like Quebec and Mexico, to work in the orchards and vineyards.  Cold-winter shelters are closed now, and that means more people sleeping outdoors.  Pastor Peter has been out on the streets for several hours already, lending an ear, praying, sorting out differences, patching up wounds, handing out sandwiches.  One of the guys really wants to clean up his life, and Pastor Peter is helping him find ways to do that.  Others come up to him, telling him they have just arrived in town from far-away places like Winnipeg, and even the eastern US.  They ask for directions to places where they can get help.  The needs on the street always increase during the summer months in this resort community.

Other Another Chance helpers are out and about during the week, too.  Visiting, listening, just sharing the love of Jesus in whatever ways Father leads them.   It is all part of being in His family!

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