giving God the opportunity to help through you

In his blog, The Assembling of the Church, Alan Knox talks about how we are each called to give God the opportunity to help others, “the least of these,” through us.  Alan writes:

Think about the people living around you, in your neighborhood or just down the road. Did you know they are suffering?

It’s true. There are marital problems, children problems, abuse, drugs, poverty, crime, hunger, joblessness. Yes, right there in your neighborhood….

Did you know that God desires to work among the people with those problems? Did you know that he wants to do that while working through you?….

But, did you know that God never asks you to solve those problems?

Nope. He only asks one thing. He asks that you allow him to work through you in the life of someone (or some people) who are hurting…

Read the rest of Alan’s blog post here.  And then answer his question.  It might change your life.

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