responding to everyday opportunities

Blogger Bobby Auner at Deconstructing Neverland struck up a conversation with a young lady the other day at a laundromat.  He ended up helping out her and her boyfriend Julio with some groceries and a night’s room rental at a local motel.  Bobby saw it as an everyday opportunity from God to share the gospel and maybe make some new disciples.  So he was really excited when Julio invited him to come and hold a Bible study at the motel.  What happened was more than Bobby could imagine:

Yesterday’s journey of following Christ took me somewhere I didn’t expect.  I expected to meet some new folks, teach on John 3, and answer some questions with hopes of sharing the love of Christ with them.  I imagined they would share surface level type needs that the body of Christ could meet together like clothing or food….

What happened couldn’t have been further from the picture in my mind.  I came face to face with death.  Not that my life was in danger, but death as in the utter helplessness and all consuming power of sin….

Prostitution, crack cocaine, drunkenness, homosexuality, and theft are just some of the sins I discovered lurking in this dark place.  And that, from just one man!  ONE MAN! …The amount of suffering that has come upon him is nearly too unbearable to look upon, let alone be under the weight of it all….

In all this, Christ’s incarnation has taken on a whole new dimension….

Go to Bobby’s blog post and read the rest.  What “everyday opportunties” does Father place in your path?  How will you respond?

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