What’s happening at Another Chance?

June 24, 2011

As you have noticed, Sunday morning breakfasts at Another Chance Ministries are cancelled for the month of June while Pastor Peter and his wife Tineka are away on a much needed holiday together.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that nothing is happening.  Our street family is still here in Penticton, walking with Jesus.  Some of the Another Chance helpers have been out on the streets from time to time, chatting with the family, sharing snacks, praying, handing out coffee, even giving suntan lotion backrubs 🙂

Also visiting in the hospital (Nancy is doing well and will soon be able to be out of the hospital and in new accomodation; thanks for your prayers!), and also visiting in homes.  Thank You, Father, for providing better housing for so many of our family members.

Please pray for D whose mom is dying, far away.   Please pray for the family, and for his wife, L, too.

Here’s a snapshot of a couple of our Another Chance family members out enjoying the sunny weather 🙂

Montana and Higgins

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