We’re back!

Well, we haven’t been away exactly.  Pastor Peter was on sabattical for about 3 months, though in that time he managed to perform 2 marriages, a funeral or two, visit street family in hospital, do prison counseling, and so on.  But at least he did get some rest – at least it was “rest” for him 🙂

Meanwhile, some of the volunteers continued to visit the street family, helping with finding shelter for the winter months, bringing breakfast once a week, and encouraging and sharing.

Today, we had a great time at Nanaimo Square, wintry weather notwithstanding, as we visited and shared, and Pastor Peter counseled family members who came by with needs.  Tomorrow he’ll have a load of newly donated winter coats, as well as gloves, to hand out to those who need them on these cold wintry days.  We enjoyed sitting at the square, sharing coffee, tea, hot chocolate and juice – as well as turkey, egg, and peanut butter sandwiches, cookies, yogurt, and so on.

We had lots of fun saying cheery “hellos” to the office workers in the area as they dashed to and from the coffee shops during their coffee breaks.  Some returned the hellos with friendly hellos of their own, others answered a little uncertainly, and others yet scurried past looking nervous.  But the positive responses outweighed the negative ones, hurrah!

Details of location etc are on the “events” and “Penticton” pages on this site.

You are all welcome to come and join us in any and all of our activities!  God bless!

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