Another Chance Street Ministry

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We have seen much of the Lord’s heart at work in the tears from prostitutes, drug addicts, and hardened criminals – our family. The stories of change usually happen over long periods of time but they find solid ground from a relationship with the Lord and they have ownership of that relationship. It is enriching to watch people start new lives from a seed planted and they become a planter themselves.

We find that the biggest part of Ministry is just giving people the time of day. Sitting down with the people living off the street, stopping to talk and take an interest in the people passing in the street, giving hugs to everyone we can get our hands onto, as well as digging into the lives of those in our churches: this has created an open forum for dialogue with a large cross section of society.

(of Reverend Peter Harris “Pastor Peter”)
On his reason for this ministry

To live my life in constant growth with Jesus Christ as my example.

To find the unbelievers and put the Lord there, to find those our society considers the outcasts and put the Lord there, to find the hurt and discouraged that have left our churches and put the Lord there, and to go beyond the details that separate our Churches and bring health to the Church body.

To create opportunities for as many as possible, to help them use whatever gifts they may have in service of the Lord.

Often I have found myself surrounded by 8 or 10 people all wishing to address something in their lives. I do not know how, but the Lord makes it possible for all their needs to be addressed at the same time.

The words I spoke in the past as a man hurt many; now, the words the Lord speaks through me, heals.

– Pastor Peter

pastor peter july 06 oliver

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5 thoughts on “Another Chance Street Ministry”

  1. Each year I like to reflect on mistakes made, highlights in my life, and ‘try’ to learn from whatever comes to mind. This year my very good friend Pastor Peter tops my list of heartfelt inspiration and mentorship. Most of you know me as ‘just another realtor’ but like you; I am a lot ‘deeper’ than that.

    I have known Pastor Peter for almost 6 years. I met Pastor Peter walking the streets of Penticton helping and loving those that ‘need a hand up’. I have ‘walked’ with Pastor Peter on a regular basis a few years ago and I can tell you ‘he is what he is’.

    I have worked in Churches and helped in other areas BUT HAVE NEVER SEEN ANY’ONE’ MAKE AS BIG AN INPACT IN COMMUNITIES AS PETER (and his few helpers) HAVE – especially in the Okanagan.

    What amazes me about Pastor Peter and what he does is that he is NOT supported by any group or church(and I think he prefers that). However, I know that we could help him do MORE by helping him cover the cost of supplies.

    IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO FOR A PLACE TO HAVE YOUR FUNDS HELP MANY IN THE OKANAGAN consider supporting “Another Chance Street Ministry”. Even better, walk where Pastor Peter walks and see what I saw……………….YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

    I have attached a video that was done and would like to share that with you…………


    1. I just watched your video and the wonderful testimonies of God’s grace and deliverance! Greater things the Lord Jesus will do in the city of Penticton through your life Peter and ministry. You are walking in God’s presence and demonstrating the power of His love to totally change a person’s nature. The Lord God bless you abundantly and supply all your needs in Christ Jesus. Shalom.


  2. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Much greetings in the name of Our Almighty God.
    I am very much happy to know you through your web page, I thank God for making us to know each other.I am Pastor Haron with my beloved wife Vivian from Kenya and the 13 orphaned children whom are under my care.

    I have gone through your website and we were much inspired by the word of God, I thank God for what He is using you reach and teach His people.
    Here in Kenya, we have a church but we have no the founder of the church, so we request you humbly to hear our prayer request and partner with us so that we can build the broken hearts.

    Our mailing address is :
    P.O.Box 334_40204.

    Thank you and pass our sincere Love to all our Brethren all over there


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