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Pastor Peter and Tineka
Pastor Peter and Tineka

Rev. Peter Harris, known to many in the South Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada,  as “Pastor Peter” has been operating a street ministry for the last ten years.

When not overseeing ministry events such as breakfasts, Pastor Peter will walk the streets of our community, providing a listening ear, counsel and offering support and information on church or governmental support to those in need.
The goal is to set Christ in the middle of all things and make his presence known. Often it is like a war, but victory with Christ comes out the other end of it.

We have watched so many lives be transformed over the years the numbers are staggering , also many are now members of local Churches.
God will and has been faithful. Pastor Peter walks with other pastors occasionally, and is attempting to build relationships between all of our Christian Churches.
Our Christian family is large but disjointed.

Pastor Peter is 56 years old and is now entering his 10th. year of full time Street Ministry. His wife is Tineka and she supports their family, they have five children , one still at home. He makes no income and only receives minimal financial support, at this point, but it is clear he is where he is supposed to be.

Love your brother in Christ,
Reverend Peter Harris


6 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi! Pastor Peter it’s me wanda ( big mama ) from Saskatchewan met you at The Bridge on 20th. Was trying to reach you for awhile need prayer I don’t go to church but I still believe.


  2. Hi Juanita, I just sent a reply and not sure you got it. Yes I remember you and our talk at the Bridge. You spoke of your son and your life experiences. I haven’t checked this site in quite a while, but will now. I worked the streets in Winnipeg Just as I did in Saskatoon and am still in the community here full time. I pray this finds you well, Love in Christ Pastor Peter


  3. You walked into my world years ago and have been in it since you changed my way of thinking and walked with me threw my recovery from a longtime use of drugs which I have 7years clean and the loss of my son which I miss him each day but no he will always be with me in my heart and that god must of had and needed him I love you and tineka dearly and thank you for everything


    1. Hello! Really good to hear from you! I’d love to get back into the mission in the larger cities but it seems the Lord has different plans for me. I’m needed here.
      Often we have desires on our heart to serve the Lord a certain way but if we are paying attention the Lord has other plans. I say this because all of us who have a desire to follow the Lord often follow what we think is for us and not what the Lord has for us. So listen and pray and the Lord will guide you. Look for the small things, the Lord often speaks to us quietly and gently. You are in our prayers. Believe it!
      Love in Christ, Pastor Peter and Tineka


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