Events Calendar


November 19 Sunday  Join the Lord and Pastor Peter and Grace’s volunteers for fellowship and a service at Grace Mennonite Church, 74 Penticton Avenue, (across from the police station)  8 am – 10 am.

Future Dates for the breakfasts or bbq at Grace Mennonite Church are  November 19, December 17.(October 22 is cancelled due to personal reasons)

God’s Kitchen Is Now Located at Grace!

New location for God’s Kitchen is at Grace Mennonite Church.  Every Tuesday morning!  Thank you Sylvia and team!!

Weekly Schedule

Sunday Church Breakfast will be happening once a month on Sunday mornings at the park beside the courthouse in Penticton on the following dates in 2015: dates to be posted soon.

There will be Wednesday outreach at the Food Bank in Oliver 3 Wednesdays a month in 2017.  Join us for good food, conversation, prayer, counseling, and more.

UBAKA:  Pastor Peter is Chaplin for Urban Bulldogs against Kid Abuse.  He attends the first Friday evening of every month for a monthly meeting.



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