How to Help


To find out how you can help:

Mailing address:

Pastor Peter Harris
Another Chance Ministries
#71 – 3999 Skaha Lake Road
Penticton, BC
V2A 6J7
To donate to the ministry:

Another Chance Ministries no longer has its own non-profit charity organization.  It is now under the umbrella of Grace MB Church in Penticton, who will be taking care of administration and charitable receipts for Another Chance.  Please make cheque donations out to “Grace MB Church” and in the memo section write “Pastor Peter Outreach.”  Cheques can be mailed/delivered to: Grace MB Church, 74 Penticton Ave., Penticton BC V2A 2M3.

One thought on “How to Help”

  1. Great job on the website and in the streets!! You are doing the work of the Lord and bringing hope and love to those who need it most. God bless and good luck!!


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