Another Chance family funerals

Reverend Chuck    (Pastor Peter's Mentor)
Reverend Chuck
(Pastor Peter’s Mentor)


Charles "Chuck"
Charles “Chuck”

Bill and ShadowWilliam “Bill” and Doug “Shadow”Bill                                               William  “Bill”

Another Chance family funerals



Andrew "Andy"
Andrew “Andy”
Russell Meakes
Russell Meakes

Chloe - a special girl

Cory's marker

Cory and Mom
Cory and Mom Debbie


Lucille Schultz
Lucille Schultz

20150216_081854LilaPastor and LilaLila

Fred  "Doc"
Fred “Doc”

Bill and BlueBill and BlueBill and Blue



Cheri Lynette Reynolds

 June 27, 1961 – March 1, 2015Shawn and CheriShawn and CheriCheri and CarolynCheri and Carolyn

2 thoughts on “Memorials”

  1. Thank You for Posting Amanda and her mother Cheri pictures. I miss them more than any words can say. My heart is forever broken. God bless them and keep them until we meet again. Love Shawn


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